Epoflake Flooring

Epoflake Flooring

Epoflake Flooring combines epoxies and colour flakes to provide a tough-wearing flooring system for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It was especially developed for garage floors, but its popularity has found a place on basement floors, entrance ways and commercial buildings.

Many people have trouble with concrete garage floors that crack, chip and stain. Inferior painted surfaces react poorly to salts that come off hot tires and chemical spills that cause delaminating or peeling.

Epoflake is installed at an average thickness of 50+ mils and resists all those problems allowing you a neat and tidy garage free of those frustrations. RS Concrete Solutions mechanically prepares concrete surfaces by grinding, shot blasting and repairing all chips and cracks before applying a primer to ensure a lasting bond.

There are hundreds of solid colours to choose from and custom blending is available to fit any décor. Epoflake Flooring is the ideal decorative solution to beautify and protect your garage or other interior concrete surfaces.