Surface Preparation

Concrete Surface Preparation

Concrete Grinding

Surface preparation is essentially removing the old concrete floor. Whether you are in a need of decorative concrete resurfacing or polished concrete floors, we have the tools and equipment to perform the job.

From pre-cleaning and post-cleaning steps to new and emerging methods like bevel-edge cleaning, we can remove the existing glues, mastics, paints, and mortars to prepare the surface for a coating or to create a beautiful concrete polished floor.

You can rely on our team to offer sound advice for your concrete preparation requirements. All of our tools are designed and modified to yield the best possible productivity so that we can prove to be the most competitive in the decorative concrete industry. And we do all of this without taking any short cuts.

Shot Blasting

RS Concrete Solutions also uses a Blastrac 10 D shot blasting machine to clean and prepare large concrete surfaces quickly.

It is equipped with a large vacuum to control dust and maintain a safe work environment while preparing the concrete in a quick and timely manner.

Shot blasting allows for any type of coating or concrete overlay to bond exceptionally well to the existing concrete surface.