Cheese Processing Plant

Before Picture of old cracked delaminated concrete and the finished industrial concrete flooring in an Cheese Processing Plant. 

Concrete flooring levelingFactory Polished Concrete flooring

Remove existing epoxy and grind ridges down to prepare the surface for epoxy coating system. 

Processing Plant Resurfacing
Apply epoxy coating and sand broadcast 4″ up wall before epoxy cove application to improve bond. We do this additional step due to the possibility of metal movement or expansion. 

Epoxy Sand Coating
Coving Application with 100% solids epoxy and sand. 

Concrete flooring preparationConcrete flooring before

Shot blast concrete to prepare concrete for epoxy coating system

Concrete Surfacing Preparation
Stone any ridges or bumps on coving to improve smoothness. 

Concrete Preparation
Open up cracks with diamond blade before filling with epoxy sand repair. 

Concrete Repair
Grout coving with 100% solids epoxy to fill pores and provide consistent colour when completed. 

Reparing concrete cracks
Repair cracks and pits with 100% solids epoxy and sand to improve strength of substrate. 

Repairing Cracks
Grind repairs smooth the next day. 

Smoothing concrete repairs
We complete a final vacuum of the area to ensure it is clean before applying the high build coating system. 

Finished smoothing concrete floors
Next we install 2 coats of 100% solids epoxy with a sand broadcast to provide traction for any possible wet conditions. Job is complete and ready for business.

Epoxy and sand coatings