Exterior Entry Transformation

A local London business called us to see what could be done to repair terrazzo in an exterior entryway to a storefront.
After years of deterioration, and multiple repair attempts it was proving to regularly be a safety hazard to its patrons.

Exterior tile store front flooring
Once proper safety fencing was in place, work could begin on removing the existing terrazzo and metal terrazzo strips.

Safety Fence with broken tileRemoving old tile

After all necessary steps for preparation were taken the surface was rebuilt using Ardex ERM
and then a couple of skim coats of Ardex CD(Concrete Dressing) were applied with a sloppy trowel texture.

Concrete flooring skim coatConcrete texture flooring

The surface was finished with Ardex CG(Concrete Guard) and this London business has a beautiful, new commercial concrete entryway.

Finished with Ardex Concrete Guard