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Inground Pools and Backyard Landscapes

RS Concrete Solutions specializes in inground pools and backyard getaways. We are your one stop shop for stress free backyard projects such as pools, decks and seating areas, water/stone features, fireplaces, gardens, pool houses, sheds and fences. We guide every step of the project from advising on required permits and drawings to coordinating additional trades such as electrical and plumbing. Our specialty is custom ICF concrete pools.

What is ICF?

ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Forms. These forms were initially created with building foundations in mind but are now widely used for a variety of construction projects, including inground pools. These pools are ideal for homeowners searching for a modern and refined look. This fully concrete pool structure boasts sharp angles and clean lines and is finished with a vinyl liner, concrete finish, or mosaic tiles featuring contemporary patterns. It will no doubt become the architectural focal point of your home’s exterior.

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What are the benefits of building an ICF Pool vs. alternatives?

Building a pool with ICF forms offers consumers, builders, and architects numerous benefits over other pool construction methods, such as a steel kit, fiberglass, shotcrete, precast, and cast-in-place concrete pools. ICF pools are considered much more durable, are lower-maintenance, and most important, they are more energy and cost efficient.

Over time, it is estimated that up to 80% of a pool’s heat is lost through the sides and bottom of the pool, due to the fact that the ground conducts heat far more efficiently than air does. Pools built with ICF have continuous insulation on the interior and exterior sides and bottom of the pool. This continuous insulation reduces heat loss and helps to stabilize the pool’s temperature. What does this mean for an ICF Pool owner? It means that a more stable pool temperature will lengthen your annual pool season. Sometimes by multiple months.

Finally, since ICF pools are custom built (instead of pre-fabricated) they allow for more flexibility in the pool design process where home owners can have more input into the shape and style of their pool.

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What other ICF products does RS Concrete offer?

Insulated Concrete Forms are not only great for pools, but are increasingly being used for retaining walls, water features, pool grottos, and outdoor fireplaces for those that want to go above and beyond for there backyard oasis. These type of projects naturally compliment an inground swimming pool and can be added onto any pool project to complete the full backyard experience.

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