Flooring Concrete Leveling, Sloping, and Repair

Concrete Leveling, Sloping, and Repair

We service London and the surrounding area frequently when it comes to leveling, sloping, and repairing concrete.

Where or how concrete leveling/sloping can prove to be helpful and a solution?

  • Concrete or subfloor is in rough shape after removing old flooring and you require a smooth floor again before installing tile, vct, vinyl strip flooring, hardwood, and laminate.
  • Your concrete surface has shaled/delaminated or has ridges due to a poor concrete installation or even unexpected weather interfering half way through the concrete pour.
  • Concrete has sunk or moved due to freeze thaw and settling.
  • The substrate has lows and highs and water is puddling.
  • You require water to be directed towards a drain.
  • You have random cracks and pitting that require repair.

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